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Perspectives: A creative and interactive Art Exhibition

07 Jul 2022

Irina Pinelli




"Perspectives" is looking and exploring with attentive and curious eyes.

It is knowing how to question ourselves. It is finding solutions


"Perspectives" is expressing ourselves through different languages.

It is using music and art as tools to discover the world around us


"Perspectives" is understanding in depth, getting to the essence

It is finding new words, finding new stimuli


"Perspectives" is stretching the mind, finding connections

It is about suggesting new interpretations, new criteria

It is tracing perspective for the future for a new artistic pedagogy.



Photo gallery from the opening ceremony


Children walk into the world with wide-open eyes. Things, smells, noises, tastes, tactile sensations, and concepts have not yet found stable locations and interpretations through which an adult believes he knows the world. The perception of the world is still driven by the curiosity to gain experience, with no prejudices or conventions. We aim at Huili Nursery to increase the belief that everything around us is endowed with a thousand facets, with infinite possibilities of alternative interpretations to the prevailing one.


Perspectives is an exhibition that stemmed from the need to highlight the educational path our Nursery children have experienced during the school year. In addition to a celebration of the achievements of our children, the exhibition aimed to bring to light the meanings and processes that underlie the educational path within the Atelier. In this place, art and music meet to create new suggestions that allow you to acquire new observation lenses on the world.



In our Atelier, it is through different perspectives that we construct critical thinking and find new points of view. It allows us to move away from the superficial level of things and get closer to its most intimate and hidden nature.

The perception in art is conditioned by both the observer's and the artist's situatedness. For this reason, we should ask ourselves with which eyes we observe children's artworks. Do we look with judging adult eyes, following the values of our beauty standards, or do we listen to the creative process behind the work? Do we connect with the child's perception of what he is exploring?



In this exhibition, we can experience the world of children's art following the characteristics of what J.P. Guilford would call divergent thinking:




The fluidity is giving more answers to a single question or situation.

The flexibility, that is, moving from one idea to another, even conceptually distant

Originality, that is, devising new possibilities not yet explored

Elaboration is the ability to make our ideas visible.

With this new attitude, "Perspectives" was idealised to help the audience put themselves in a new perspective on children's work.




Art and music are two languages that today, more than ever, have the duty to trace new perspectives for the future, suggesting new interpretations of reality.


The Art World, increasingly in this new era, has more emphasis on the creative process rather than the mere final aesthetics. For this reason, these arts need new criteria for evaluation, especially regarding education. Through the exhibition, we offered a new vision of the child's artistic work where the process and the meaning attributed to the artwork is part of its aesthetic value.



Through curious and attentive eyes, in our Atelier, we take care of what Francois Jullien would call "the silent transformations that shake existence quietly," revealing the need to learn to look beyond to seek harmony hidden in everyday things.