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Admissions Process


Huili Nursery Hangzhou is committed to provide a seamless admissions procedure. 


  • Register for a Pathways to lifelong learning session
  • Apply online
  • Face-to-face communication
  • Reviewing applications and enrolment  


By submitting an enquiry form, you are starting the admissions process but not yet submitting an application. You will be contacted by a member of the Admissions Department within two working days, who will explain more information about the School, and offer assistance with the next steps in the admissions process.
We encourage all parents applying to our nursery to attend a Pathways to lifelong learning session. These sessions give you a valuable opportunity to get to know the head of our nursery, and allow parents to gain a deeper insight into Huili values and identity, our educational ethos and curriculum. When you submit an enquiry, a member of the admissions department will inform you of the next session.
Submit an application and create an OpenApply parent account by clicking the 'Apply Now' button.

Once you have submitted an application, the next step is to submit all of the required documents. A checklist of required documents can be found in your OpenApply parent account.


Once you have completed these four steps, an Admissions Officer will assist you with the remainder of the process. If at any stage in this process you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Department on 0571-8239-6388 or via email at admissions.hsh@huilieducation.cn.


Admissions Criteria 


  1. The child must be age appropriate for their year group.

Year Group Requirement:


Age Year Group
2 Early Years 1
3 Early Years 2
4 Early Years 3
5 Early Years 4


(Based on the child’s age on 31st August, for the academic year of application)


  • There is space available in the age appropriate year group.
  • The child has reached certain developmental milestones.
  • The family embraces the Huili philosophy, values and identity.


Application Costs

Please note the following:


  1. Huili Nursery Hangzhou does not charge or accept any application or admissions fees
  2. You should not pay any sums of money (in cash or in kind) or give gifts to any individual as part of the application process
  3. Huili Nursery Hangzhou only accepts applications directly from a family and not via any agent or similar educational establishment.  Any agent or individual claiming that they have a preferential admissions relationship with Huili Nursery Hangzhou should be reported to the Executive Master’s office by email to grace.shen@huilieducation.cn.


Priority for Admissions 


The following groups will be given a priority invite to attend a “Pathways to lifelong learning” session  and “Getting to Know You” session in the order set out below:

  1. Children of eligible staff members
  2. Siblings of current pupils attending Huili Nursery Hangzhou or Huili School Hangzhou or Wellington College International Hangzhou

Those who have priority status are not necessarily guaranteed an invite to a session. Moreover, they are not guaranteed the offer of a place at the nursery and will be assessed subject to the admissions criteria.


Among equally qualified candidates, priority for places will be offered in the same order as set out above.