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Pupils learn more between the ages of 0-5 than at any other time of their life. Ideas and attitudes formed at this stage will have a profound effect on their approach to future learning. It is a privilege to work with this age group and, in partnership with parents, we are mindful of the responsibility we have in shaping these curious and active learners.



Our main focus is to ensure your child has high levels of wellbeing and involvement throughout their time in Nursery and on transition into their next phase of education. When a pupil's wellbeing and engagement are high, the skills necessary for successful learning and development will be optimized and inspire them to embrace the joy of discovery and the desire to know more.


To support this approach, our partnerships with parents are of paramount importance as their knowledge of their interest, fascinations and concerns are the foundations for what we teach them in nursery so that they will fulfil their potential as young learners.  We believe that education is a journey to be shared and that only by working in collaboration and in support of each other, can each unique child be offered a comprehensive learning experience.