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To ensure the most effective Early Years approach for our pupils, we have merged the English Early Years Foundation Stage and the Chinese Curriculum (from three to six years) guidelines. The result is an encompassing curriculum and Huili framework for teaching and learning. There are seven areas of learning and development and 3 specialist teachers that shape our educational programmes.


Three prime areas:

 ●  Personal, social and emotional development

 ●  Communication and language

 ●  Physical development


Four specific areas:

 ●  Literacy

 ●  Mathematics

 ●  Understanding of the World

 ●  Expressive arts and design


Three specialist teachers:

 ●  PE

 ●  Atelier

 ●  Music

 ●  Inclusive international community

 ●  Immersive bilingual environment

 ●  Inspiring learning spaces

The projects are integral to the learning at Huili Nursery Hangzhou, these are in response to the children’s interests in each class. There are around 2-3 projects each semester, lasting approximately 4-6 weeks, however, this can vary from class to class.


Each project has three phases which are documented, this is regularly updated with children's learning and development. Parents will receive weekly newsletters updating them of their child’s class interests and projects from the previous week.


Teachers support the language development of all children, observing and assessing them to differentiate planning and to meet the needs of individuals.


During the transition period, teachers will compose a report based on the assessment of EY4 pupils progress and development.

Over the course of the year the class teachers observe, record, track and assess the attainment and progress of each child in their class. Their learning is documented as part of the class projects as well as individual Learning Stories. These Learning Stories are then presented to each child at the end of the academic year to celebrate their learning.

Across the nursery the adult child ratio is 1:5 to ensure the highest standards of provision. Wellington College China (WCC) places the safety and wellbeing of its community at the heart of all that we do. This includes robust child protection and safeguarding policies and procedures. All members of staff understand the central importance of this commitment and undertake annual training in safeguarding young people. WCC adheres to the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection (ITFCP) for its recruitment processes; all applicants are required to undergo rigorous background checks prior to appointment.

EY3 children holding a foreign passport (or parent holding foreign passport) are eligible to apply to Wellington College International Hangzhou Year 1.


EY4 children who meet the Education Bureau regulations are eligible to apply Huili School Hangzhou through the first round of Hangzhou G1 Education Bureau Lottery .

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