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Building a responsive learning community

01 Jul 2022

Conrad Botha

Head of Early Years and Lower Primary



A responsive learning community can be articulated as a place or "partnership" of individuals that focus on the children and the people, including the wider community, to achieve lifelong success - the humanity behind all that we do. Our desire as a nursery is to afford every child the opportunity for growth and fulfilment in an environment which imbues the Wellington values of kindness, courage, integrity, respect, and responsibility. As a forward-thinking, dynamic team of early years educators, it is our mission to ensure that all pupils at Huili Nursery Hangzhou receive an educational experience which is holistic, pupil-centred, fun and progressive. Throughout our journey as a school, our community has formed an integral part of our decision-making and allows us to grow and generation of adults alongside our children.




The Huili Nursery Hangzhou has three Responsive Community Attributes:





The passion for continuous learning and growth



Curiosity plays a vital role in our identity and directing our nursery into the future, constantly creating new and progressive ways of seeing our children, innovation, and a better understanding of our vocation as early years educators. Through a curiously minded community, we collaboratively seek knowledge and understanding from various sources, including our children, our families, outside experts and trusted advisors. By ensuring that curiosity is alive and authentic, we can establish ourselves as a culture of lifelong learning, respect for and the value of a more profound understanding of ourselves and those we have the privilege of working with every day. We firmly believe that innovation and creativity flourish through a culture of curiosity. 





The power to feel and to appreciate other humans and forms of life



Having a deep understanding and appreciation for the feelings, emotions and intrinsic motivators of our children, their families, and every member of the Huili Nursery Hangzhou community help keep us in touch with our feelings as we navigate through our journey of discovery, exploration, and learning. Empathy is an essential piece of the puzzle, as it holds together our relationships and, as a result, our entire community. By cultivating empathy in our nursery, we are achieving more than simply building a strong, resilient, and individual child. We are building a generation of children ready for the world and all it has to offer.






A true respect for seeing each other as contributing collaborators



Humility is part of our nature, and it helps us to reflect upon and always return to the starting point of our community and the purpose that it was founded upon, reminding us of its beauty, authenticity, and pure connection with our children and all adults that are part of our journey. Humility re-establishes our curiosity about others and the world around us. We know we can learn from the trust and open and meaningful connections by keeping humility alive within our nursery. It allows us as a nursery to surround ourselves with the very best - individuals that are committed, purposeful and overflowing with passion, knowledge, and expert skills. 



As a nursery, we grow, we evolve, we adapt, and through this journey, we recognise and learn to appreciate the complexities of our community to secure our pathway to the future as one that is supportive, encouraging, and inspiring. We can build greater trust and confidence in our role as a learning community through resilience and responding to the many new opportunities presented to us every day. Thank you to our children, families and team who bring the passion, joy and love for learning every day.