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Inspiring Moments at Huili Nursery Hangzhou

02 Nov 2020


School uniforms, specific to our school, play a vital role in developing pupils’ sense of belonging, identity, sense of pride and responsibility. Some schools might see their uniform merely as a way to easily identify their pupils, the uniforms of Huili Nursery Hangzhou represent our educational philosophy and cultural identity. By wearing school uniforms, Huili children reflect the pride in our school and in our academic rigour, as well as our passion for helping the children to become the very best they can be in every aspect of their lives. One educational concept that is familiar in early years is that every moment of every day is a learning opportunity. Making choices about daily school uniform can be a part of aesthetic education. In terms of developing children's ability to experience beautiful things, improving children's ability to appreciate beautiful things, to perform and to create beautiful things, Huili school uniforms can bring plenty of learning resources and provide unlimited learning space for children. Huili Nursery Hangzhou offers various styles of school uniforms for children that suits any learning occasion.


The usage of different materials in school uniforms provides a variety of resources and first-hand experience for our project learning; different colours, different styles and different uniform combinations have also laid a solid foundation for children’s understanding of how things can be combined in different ways. Huili children not only can gain lots of first-hand knowledge from school uniforms, but can also develop skills to improve the quality of learning through a wealth of practical experience, get into good learning habits and to be immersed in beautiful things at all times. Educator Dr. Katz once said that learning should be carried out on three levels: knowledge, ability and disposition. The development of disposition is the most important goal and will become the ultimate goal of education.


Disposition is a kind of inspiration and enlightenment which produces a sense of spiritual pleasure. From the perspective of delivering information and skills teaching, there is not a very big difference among various schools, but from the perspective of disposition, the advantages of an excellent school will be immediately clear. At Huili Nursery Hangzhou, which regards holistic education as the starting point for everything, we provide education to children with their whole self in mind. Every morning, when children wear clean and tidy school uniforms, they come to school with a sense of pride and happiness, and we have planted aesthetic seeds in their hearts. As educators, we understand child development and as such, take joy in watching and waiting for the seeds to grow. Let us enjoy the different school uniform styles of our Huili children.



This week EY1 have been exploring the soft playroom for the first time, this provided our children with opportunities to develop their physical movements in different ways. The children have been exploring different movements and skills using the soft shapes; they have been rolling, balancing, rocking, climbing and jumping. The soft play allows the children to take more risks in their exploration of how their body moves.



Inspired by our project, we contacted the PE department to arrange a visit to the swimming pool to explore the water. EY2 children used their whole body to feel the water and enjoyed playing in the pool. The children showcased their courage and independence, which impressed us a great deal.  During that time, we showed the children pictures of our visit which encouraged them to recall the trip. They posed many questions and we explored new vocabulary, such as ‘float’ and ‘sink’ and ‘How do marine animals breathe?’ We will explore these further in phase 2 of our project.


When you find that sprouted potatoes are rotten and stinky, will you throw them away? The children in EY3B of Huili Nursery Hangzhou will not.They interviewed an experienced gardener and investigated steps to save the sprouted potato. If the potatoes become rotten again, children will invite the expert again to investigate the reasons and implement another rescue plan. This is the joy and richness of project-based learning. The process is based on children's interests and thinking. It not only offers lots of in-depth knowledge for the children but also improves their thinking ability and develops their values and good study habits.



The phonics program has commenced in EY4 and it is wonderful to see the high participation across the year group. All children from  EY4 classes are working together as they are in groups that best fit their current need in enhancing their base for reading and writing. It is a fantastic way to learn, but also a fun way to build relationships.Read Write Inc offers a wonderful blend of pace and rigour alongside fun and enjoyment. We are inspired to see the children make progress every session and share their learning with others during play.