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Inspiring moments at Huili Nursery Hangzhou

22 Oct 2020


I am thrilled to introduce to you our newly designed and improved Huili Nursery Hangzhou weekly WeChat Newsletter. I hope that you, and our wider community of followers will find it inspiring, informative, and interesting. The new format is designed to create a stronger voice for our Nursery in the wider community, reflect on the many learning experiences of our children and to celebrate all of the wonderful moments and happenings taking place at Huili Nursery Hangzhou every week.  I am certain that you will enjoy sharing these moments as much as we do.


Our EY1’s have been demonstrating their ability to challenge themselves and take risks during our outdoor discovery time. Currently our children are at a crucial stage of their physical development, we are providing opportunities for them to develop their balance and co-ordination. This week involved creating our own obstacle course. At first the children needed an adult’s hand to guide them over the crates, but with encouragement they began negotiating the space for themselves and stretched their arms out to support themselves balancing. Encouraging others to join them they supported their friends too, demonstrating how to climb up the crates and walk across each plank. The children expressed their delight in their own achievements, enjoying that they had accomplished.



Every day in EY2 there is an opportunity for children to make new friends, build strong relationships with staff and immerse themselves in a day full of exploring, curiosity and challenge. In EY2, the outdoor environment holds equal value and importance to the indoor setting. It has been wonderful to see the children sharing learning areas, smiling and laughing and making the most of being outside in the warm weather.



As part of our progression in English acquisition, EY3 are moving towards using the Read Write Inc. scheme of phonics. The children really enjoy the gradual progression of English learning as they learn to recognise, read and blend words together. It is wonderful to see the children extend their English reading, writing and speaking so quickly.



The EY4 children had their first PE sessions this week. We could see the joy on their faces as the children ran and jumped together across the large field. It was such a great opportunity for the children to challenge themselves in a range of activities whilst developing their persistence and commitment to reach their goals. It was also wonderful to watch the children working within the team and cheering for each other’s achievements.