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We are ready

20 Aug 2020


The beginning of the school year is always and exciting and eventful time for us as educators. We begin our work with vigour and passion for the year ahead; preparing resources, planning for our classes to ensure each child’s individuality is acknowledged and celebrated, and our environments exhibit warmth, inspiration and as sense of familiarity. For many early years educator this is a time to reflect on what worked well within our practice and with our children, what may need to be tweaked a bit to ensure the biggest impact and what should be adapted and changed to allow for new opportunities to grow.



At Huili Nursery Hangzhou we began our year on August 6th as we welcomed back our middle leadership team after their summer break. It was an inventive, thought provoking and creative first few days together as we revisited our vision for the year ahead, exploring ways to enhance the influence our teams have on our children and the learning community, ways to further improve our teaching and learning and determining plans to action our very important school development plan over the year ahead.



The Huili Nursery team, old and new arrived well rested, eager, open minded and ready on August 10th as began our two weeklong induction. It is an absolute honour and joy to be part of a team of educators where everything seems possible, every moment celebrated as an opportunity to learn, open mindedness and new ways of thinking our everyday! During our induction we rejuvenated our already strong and unique approaches to learning, became familiar with changes to policies, and developed a deeper understanding of bi-lingual inquiry through participating in P4C training hosted be Mr Stephen Welsh from P4C China. As our induction is coming to end and we await the news of when our remaining teachers will be able to join us, we can not help but feel proud, courageous and united as a team – knowing that we are ready to provide our children with the very best early years education we can!


We cannot wait to see our nursery filled with the joy, excitement, and energy that only our children can bring. Every single environment within our Nursery has now been carefully designed and constructed. Our classrooms are ready, our playground is ready and we are READY!