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We are Huili: growing together to excellence 

19 Dec 2022


It is the fifth year of Huili Nursery Hangzhou since its establishment. What does it mean for our Huili pupils? It means they have grown into Huili pupils who have become:  

  • bilingual speakers of Chinese and English from a baby learning to speak; 
  • brave children who are inspired and independent to explore their surroundings from being entirely dependent on their parents; 
  • intellectual and individual pupils who actively embrace the world from passively accepting knowledge; 
  • and stepped from the comfort zone and embraced the diversity of the world with inclusiveness. 


For the second “We are Huili” this academic year, we interviewed Kexin’s mother. Kexin joined Huili Nursery Hangzhou in 2018 when she was two years old as a founding member of Huili community. After graduating from the nursery, she joined Huili School Hangzhou and is currently a grade 1 pupil.  



How would you describe your family?   

There are three people in our family. Our daughter Kexin is seven years old and is now a G1 pupil at Huili School Hangzhou. She has been at Huili Nursery Hangzhou since EY1 shen she was 2 years old. 



What attracted you and your family to Huili Nursery Hangzhou? 

When we first interviewed for the nursery in 2018, we learned about its teaching ethos. Huili creates a learning environment that encourages children to explore, think and learn, and realise diversified development. It is what we always wanted for our daughter.  



How has your child responded to Huili’s holistic educational beliefs? 

I admire Huili’s education model because children at Huili Nursery Hangzhou are happy learners. In these years, Kexin’s English has improved dramatically. She can read English picture books by herself and communicate with expat teachers with confidence. It makes me a proud mum.  


What does your child enjoy the most about Huili Nursery Hangzhou? 

She likes the building, the classroom, and the teachers’ communication with her. At Huili, each child is viewed as an individual; their thoughts are respected by teachers and their individuality is cherished. Instead of treating them as children, teachers communicate with them as if they were adults. This is vital in cultivating children’s individuality. 



How has the Huili community supported your child on her educational journey? 

 The learning space at Huili is well-designed. Teachers start with things or activities in which children are interested, encourage them to raise questions, express their feelings, explore the answers, think and analyse, and learn from the process. Kexin’s imagination and creativity have been well protected and developed under this model. She can boldly express her ideas and even extend the question to think further when facing any questions. 


From a parent’s perspective, what positive changes have you experienced in your child during her journey with Huili? 

She has grown personally and mentally. Kexin used to be self-centred, but now she has become an inclusive person who can respect others’ different personalities and opinions. She is an inspired and independent learner. When encountering conflicts, Kexin was inclined to keep it to herself and stop talking to the other child; but now, she can better deal with such a situation. She believes that even good friends occasionally disagree, but she can still be friends with them after the incident. She now understands better what inclusiveness entails.  


Which of the five Huili values of Courage, Respect, Integrity, Kindness and Responsibility is most important to you and your family? 

For my family and me, integrity is an incredibly important value. I hope the importance of integrity can light up Kenxin’s journey, whether in her study or in life. 


Where do you see your child five years from now? 

After these years at Huili, Kexin will stand out as a brave and optimistic girl with independent thinking.  



Kexin’s growth in these five years is a demonstration of Huili’s educational ethos. As an inclusive, open and diverse campus, Huili supports the growth of our pupils by inspiring their courage and determination to explore the world. Looking into the future, we will continue supporting all pupils to grow into the best versions of themselves, realise their potential and make a difference to the wider world.   


What more stories are there from our families in their journey with Huili to excellence? Stay tuned for more stories in the future.  


At Huili Nursery Hangzhou, we aspire to create a caring, bilingual community that develops well-rounded individuals with solid values and the skills to thrive within an ever-changing global society. Community is at the centre of all we do at Huili. We continuously strive to work with our parents, staff and pupils to develop that strong sense of community that makes our school unique. In this series of ‘We Are Huili’ articles, we aim to tell our families’ stories and highlight their special contributions to our community.