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A celebration of learning | Responding to our seasons

20 Apr 2022



EY1 Matters



EY1 children have been working on the project of growing. During the Chinese session, Ms Nini shared spring vegetables, toon sprouts and bamboo. Children were invited to smell and touch and were encouraged to describe their ideas. Michael said, “It smells like chocolate.” Ms Nini also shared a video of a panda eating bamboo. The children observed the panda peeling the skin off the bamboo to eat it. The children had the opportunity to get hands-on experience and peel bamboo skins.



EY2 Matters




Phase 1 of EY2’s building project is now complete. Throughout the project, children have looked at buildings and their uses, construction methods and materials, quality and design, to name but a few.  

We have looked at size and capacity through mathematics by measuring the heights of buildings and modelling buildings big enough to suit a particular purpose. The Art and design teacher has helped us represent what we see and imagine on paper and in a three-dimensional form whilst working with our peers to build and explore.  

English and Chinese language sessions have helped us understand new concepts and ideas associated with buildings and express our thoughts and emotions. We understand the world by looking at the different types of home architectures we can find. The places we are living in are only a tiny representation. In the next step, we will further deepen children’s understanding in this field through resources such as world maps and Hangzhou city maps.




EY3 Matters





EY3 children have been very busy working on the new project about wind. The children have shared many great ideas about the wind, such as where it comes from and how it appears. These are an essential part of starting a project, as it allows the children to lead their learning. And we are thrilled to see how many ideas they have already. It is wonderful to see the children so active in leading their projects. They have a wide range of opinions and knowledge, and they are already taking real ownership of it. They have already started planning changes to our classroom to support the new project, focusing on our Science Area. They thought of great things we could put out to explore the wind and show off our ideas; we hope they have good ideas for the rest of the room.



EY4 Matters


EY4 children recently enjoyed their project exhibition. The children were excited, and the teachers were proud to see the children share their learning from the entire journey project. The energy in the room was infectious, and all the children showed the Huili values as they invited other children from the Nursery to join the activities.

During the event, we shared our EY4 “in London” movie, invited children to take their own green screen photos using London landmarks and transport, supported children in making their own Australian animal soft toy shared our knowledge of Australia through a 3D map, introduced our model London Eye and Naughty bus, used face painting to share knowledge of London and Australia and hosted a field of lights activity. It was a lovely way to culminate all of the learning that has taken place through our project on travelling.