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Developing our children through project based learning

24 Feb 2022




EY1 Matters





Children in EY1 enjoyed the recent cold weather and the opportunity to explore ice and snow. First, they took turns describing small ice blocks, using hard, cold and freezing words. They also noticed that it slowly starts to melt when you hold a piece of ice. Then, using their problem-solving skills, the children worked hard to free the little animals they could see inside the ice.





EY2 Matters




For the first week back after Chinese New Year, the children have been exploring new class areas. At the same time,  according to the development needs of the children, at their current age, we also reviewed many artworks and familiar learning resources enjoyed by the children in the last semester. This familiar environment can help children quickly adjust their role and rhythm in the environment, and the children have shown a very independent side during the first week back at school. We are also incredibly proud to see the regular check-ins, role play, book sharing with peers, and group play activities that our children began to learn last term. Well done EY2B, on continuing to build on your strong foundations.





EY3 Matters




In the former restaurant area, we have created a new Maths and Science area to hone mathematical thinking and inquiry skills. We have opened up our art area and are introducing a hot glue gun, which will enable children to take their expressive arts and design efforts to the next level. We have made significant changes to the balcony to deepen children’s imaginative roleplay and set the scene for children to incorporate English mark-making into their play.



EY4 Matters




This term, an emphasis will be placed on independence and literacy for EY4 children to ensure they are ready to transition to grade 1 successfully. Children will also be provided with time to choose a library book and share it with their peers each week. The children are also working on Geography by identifying countries and making different observations using map apps.