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18 Feb 2022


It is my pleasure to welcome new and returning families to the year of the Tiger at Huili Nursery Hangzhou. The team and I eagerly await to witness the laughter, energy, and enthusiasm our children bring for learning every day. Huili Nursery Hangzhou is a special and inspiring place to learn and grow. We are proud of our beautiful nursery and have high expectations for each child in our care.




Our children are kind, courageous, respectful, and resilient risk-takers. Together with our dedicated team of educators working with our children, we strive to build relationships and connect with them to help them feel valued, accepted, and safe. Our commitment to ensuring that Huili Nursery Hangzhou is a leading and inspirational early years’ education provider ensuring that every child in our care have the opportunity of experiencing joy, growth and fulfilment in an environment that imbues the Wellington values of kindness, courage, integrity, respect, and responsibility remain unchanged. We will continue to provide our children with education through provocation and purposeful play, where we can promote academic excellence through our recognised areas of learning and development, offering each child their meaningful learning journey.



Our incredible team of support staff and educators have been in school throughout the Chinese New Year break to clean classrooms and communal areas, refresh and prepare learning spaces, and begin planning and setting up new and challenging learning opportunities for our children during their first week back. We recognise that some of our children may be feeling a little anxious with the start of the new term. We will continue to emphasise well-being and social-emotional learning while focusing on reconnecting children with their classroom community. 



Our nursery and the college will be participating in our annual WCC school self-evaluation during the first and second week of March. During the school self-evaluation, the entire Huili Nursery Hangzhou Community, under the direction of Wellington College China, Wellington College UK and the board of governors, and in consultation with parents and children, engage in a reflective process on the work of our nursery during the academic year. The process is designed to celebrate successes and identify growth and development areas for the future. I want to extend my sincerest gratitude to all stakeholders taking part in this process to continue to improve the quality of education we provide our pupils. 


Partnering with our families will be crucial during the second half of our academic school year. We continue to work together to ensure our children succeed in becoming their very best selves as they begin to prepare for the transition into the next stage of their education. We encourage families to stay connected and informed on their child’s progress by following our weekly class newsletters, sharing feedback through TChat, participating in school and class activities, and reflecting and planning with your child and their teachers for their achievements during our upcoming parent-teacher conferences. We value our partnership with families as we navigate this journey of inspiration, discovery, and excellence in bilingual early years education. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Our door is always open.