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To all teachers engaged in bilingual education

10 Sep 2021

Today is Teachers' Day. 

We would like to express our best regards 

and gratitude to all teachers and educators!

For every member of Wellington College China, it is both a day of celebration and reflection. We are constantly exploring how to become the best bilingual education provider in the world. As bilingual teachers, what challenges will we face? How should we respond? Encouraged by this vision, our teachers have been working ceaselessly.

Recently, Ms Joy Qiao, Founder and Chairman of Wellington College China, shared her insights at a Chinese language teaching seminar. We are sharing some highlights here in the hope that they will inspire both educators and education enthusiasts.

Language is a vehicle of culture

Ms Joy Qiao explained to the audience that, during her secondary school years, she had benefited a lot from an excellent teacher of Chinese, whose elegance and noble spirit nourished by Chinese literature had inspired many pupils. She said that Chinese language carries the culture of Eastern civilization. In particular, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism serve as the representatives of traditional Chinese culture, and they have had a profound influence on her personal growth and values.

When she read the Mencius’ quote “I am skillful in nourishing my great spirit”, Ms Joy Qiao said she was struck by the "exceedingly great and strong spirit". It has not only become the standard for her self-reflection, but also her expectation for Wellington College China. As educators, we should maintain our "exceedingly great and strong spirit" as we pursue our ideals and fulfil our missions to the fullest extent possible.

Her understanding of Taoism, she explained, has suffused many aspects of her life. Both her parenting and career views are informed by Lao Tzu’s maxim: "The Creator and Sustainer of the world does not impose his ownership. He works in all things without claiming his power. The ruler of all does not govern capriciously. What profound grace and virtue!" She established Wellington College China and her sense of responsibility and reverence have grown in kind. She applied her interpretation of this maxim to her hopes for Wellington College China, saying that she hopes for steady, long-term, self-reliant growth.  

Buddhism, she explained, taught her how to just let go when faced with setbacks in life: “All composed things are like a dream, a phantom, a drop of dew, a flash of lightning. That is how to meditate on them, that is how to observe them."

Looking back on what she learned as a young girl, she identified with the national ethos behind Chinese language and culture. It strengthened her determination to be the world's best bilingual education provider. She told the audience that a bilingual education must impart more than just two languages. It must be a fusion of two cultures and wisdom. Language is not only a vehicle of culture. It also represents our values and Eastern wisdom. Teachers do not just teach subjects. They engage in constructive communication with pupils and parents, improving leadership to shine a brighter light on Eastern wisdom for the rest of the world.  

Professional development

Wellington College China has brought together the best educators from both China and abroad, combining the best of both worlds. Our Chinese teachers are encouraged to seize the opportunity to explore the world's most advanced teaching methodologies, analysing and comparing them to make constant improvements. They can exchange their ideas with their colleagues, update pedagogical methods through their classroom teaching and improve their overall competence through research and writing.

Ms Joy Qiao pointed out that our vision is to be the best bilingual education provider in the world, and that our Huili School will one day be an international player. Our Chinese leadership team and teachers are our core competencies in going global. We expect them to set higher goals for their own professional development, redouble their efforts and take on more responsibilities in their daily work so that they can grow more seasoned and exude their professionalism and charisma on the global stage soon.

Contributing to society

Ms Joy Qiao hopes that the trail Wellington College China blazed in education will not only benefit thousands of pupils at Wellington and Huili, but more pupils across China. This is why the Wellington College China, Huili Institute of Learning (WCC Huili IoL) was established. Within WCC Huili IoL, Chinese teachers are encouraged to share ideas with local educators and stay up to date on the latest pedagogies in China. The Institute has already participated in several educational research projects with East China Normal University and Beijing Normal University. These projects create opportunities for our teachers to not only focus on self-improvement but contribute to the wider education community as well.

This year marks the twelfth anniversary of Wellington College China and the tenth anniversary of the opening of its Wellington College Tianjin. Ms Joy Qiao pointed out that the Chinese teaching team, as an important part of the Wellington Family, are working hard to fulfil our vision. We look forward to working with everyone to achieve the next golden decade for Wellington College China.