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Welcome back from the Master

30 Aug 2021




We are very much looking forward to welcoming all our pupils and families back to school on Wednesday. If you are new to Wellington College Hangzhou a very warm welcome to you, choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make, and I am thrilled that you have chosen us. I am excited to watch your children excel academically and grow into young adults with strong values who will exceed in university life.


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If you are a returning family, we sincerely welcome you back. We are looking forward to receiving our first maths grades in November, where we are again anticipating top grades for all pupils.

We are starting this year with passion and energy; the school has already received its first IGCSE results in Spanish and French with pupils receiving the top grades A*. We are looking forward to receiving our first maths grades in November, where we are again anticipating A* for all pupils. 




There have been some changes to the campus over the summer break. Firstly, our new Wellington College International School has been completed, the teachers have been in over the summer break to ensure the environment is ready for our pupils’ arrival on Wednesday.

We have developed a new Sixth Form Centre where our new pre-A level pupils will be able to study and collaborate together. Our new Head of Sixth Form, Hatty Lueng and our university advisers Mrs. Emily Deacon and Ms. Connie Zhao will be there to support all pupils in Junior High and WCIH Senior School to realise their aspirations and ambitions and support them getting into the university of their choice.



Grade 1 and 2 pupils are going to be delighted with their newly enhanced classrooms and communal areas, where every area, is a learning space. Each class will have two homeroom teachers and teaching assistants to support academic excellence and to ensure your children, at this key age, are developing the skills they need to grow into young adults to be proud of.




We also have a new Gymnasium for the older pupils to access and a completely redeveloped outdoor area, where again every area is a learning experience.





Over the past 6 months, experienced leaders in the Huili College China group have been working closely to ensure that the key learning objectives taught in each grade and year level are completely aligned. This has now enabled us to standardise our curriculum and assessments against those in our family of schools.

We concluded the last academic year with our very first sports awards. Developing pupils with a strong competitive spirit is important to us and I am looking forward to getting our pupils back on the sports field and competing again.





This year you will see an increase in opportunities for you to meet teachers and leaders. There will also be regular opportunities to have coffee with me to discuss future developments of our Wellington College Hangzhou campus.



I am excited to see all the pupils back on Wednesday and to meet you all very soon.