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Celebrating Chinese New Year at Huili Nursery Hangzhou

05 Feb 2021

A traditional village, rows of shops, food stalls, red signs, well-wishing messages on banners and so much curiosity and joy… This Chinese New Year celebration allowed our children to journey back to olden times rich in traditions, filled with cultural legends and an excitement for history.



Paging through comic books, children engaged in black and white illustrations and stories. Writing and sending a postcard, capturing our dreams, well wishes and thoughts for our families as they begin a new year.  Winding up our toy frogs… which one will jump the furthest? Looking at our pictures from different angles, holding it in a variety of positions and moving it in different positions. We wondered in excitement what shape or pattern would be next. As the origami flower changes shape in our hands, what will it turn into next?


When children are sharing their experience and creations with their families, it awakens a strong connection through shared experiences for the whole family. As new memories are created at different times, they are connected through a shared appreciation and understanding.



As our children celebrate Chinese New Year through a journey of time, they were able to experience, some children for the very first time, the true meaning and value of money - The Huili Nursery Hangzhou Currency created and printed by the Bank of HNH. Applying mathematical skills and understanding how to use money, children will independently manage their finances, negotiate prices with vendors, and calculate the exact amount for an item they wish to purchase.  



Faced with many activities, children will choose and plan the order of the activities according to their own preferences. Learning to budget and manage their own finances, and with a set amount of Huili Nursery Hangzhou Currency, children can select items of value to them, what is important and how to prioritize their own wants and needs.


We are sure that you will enjoy our next post, when we are able to share all of the pictures and videos of our Chinese New Year celebration.




Exciting preparations, exploration and traditional activities for our Chinese New Year celebrations have engaged our EY1 children this week. A non-fiction English Book inspired an idea to create a class dragon. This was an exciting process for the children to observe their creation coming to life as each stage was completed. EY1 also had enormous fun exploring our indoor and outdoor environment in a ‘dragon dance.’ Our children had further experiences of Chinese traditions with shadow puppets and opportunities to re-enact the Zodiac story. A highlight for many children and the adults has been the participation of having a go at the Chinese traditional game called “Diabolos”. 


Happy Chinese New Year from EY1.



Children have learned about Chinese New Year traditions through live images. They have also completed a list of traditional Chinese New Year activities. At HNH Chinese New Year, we have a special tradition - sharing. Sharing with friends and families. To celebrate Chinese New Year, leading up to our Friday celebration many families volunteered to join in activities with children. Parent experts have shared numerous food making methods, interesting Spring Festival stories and meaningful traditional activities.


Dumplings mean wealth and treasure as its shape is like gold ingot; rice cakes mean "prosperity every year" as its Chinese pronunciation is homophonic with Chinese pronunciation of “prosperity every year”; spring rolls mean roll in "a ton of gold"; Upside down the calligraphy “Fu” means blessing will arrive soon…


Thank you to our parent experts for their active participation in our learning.



We would like to thank our EY3 Unit families for their positive involvement in our class activities. These different teaching methods have enriched our children’s experiences and provided further opportunities to their learning. Designing clothes for the goats by Bear Q's mother was followed by Ollie Z’s mum, who helped us to bring these creations to life.


With the arrival of the Chinese New Year, we had a discussion with our children on how to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We learned about Chinese New Year customs with Kimi H's mother and made exquisite New Year cards. We also made delicious dumplings with Sanborn L's grandma and Jiajia L's mother. Children participated in the process of making dumplings from breaking eggs, frying them, preparing vegetable fillings, kneading flour, rolling dumpling skins, making and cooking dumplings. 


We are looking forward to more parent experts sharing their skills in our class in the new year.



Children in EY4D presented the finale of their project on Volcanoes through exhibiting their work in a specially designed museum. 


Thank you for the wonderful feedback from all our families that shared in this experience with us in EY4D.