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Huili uniform: British elegance and tradition

27 Feb 2023

In the wizarding world of J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and his friends in college uniforms have made countless people fall for the charm of formal school wear. In British schools, school uniforms are an integral part of school culture and one of the elements that first come to mind when thinking about British education. Following in the fine tradition of over 160 years of Wellington College UK, pupils at Huili School Hangzhou also wear school uniforms of exemplary British style and adhere to the campus dress code. In today’s article, please join us to take a closer look at Huili’s equally gorgeous school uniforms and dress code. 


Classic British style for pupils

School uniforms at Huili are an extensive collection ranging from lovely A-line pinafore dresses to a comfy wool jumper, from sportswear with good elasticity to dignified four-season formalwear, and accessories like Huili ties, baseball caps and hair ties. The entire ensemble presents Huili pupils with elegance and youthful perkiness. It is also a demonstration of our century-long inheritance and progressive mindset. It is so nice to see the pupils in uniforms eagerly exploring their school lives with a positive attitude toward learning.   

We incorporate the element of “立(Li)” from the school badge and the colours orange, yellow and blue from the exclusive visual identity (Vl) colours of Wellington College (China) into the design.



School uniform dress code

School uniforms are compulsory in private schools in the UK and pupils must follow a strict school dress code. It demonstrates a school's culture and equips pupils with a sense of belonging and the pride of being part of a wider community. Similarly, we expect our pupils to wear school uniforms appropriately, whether for a school day or representing the school at sporting fixtures and other school events, to increase their pride in being a Huili pupil. 

Furthermore, wearing school uniforms correctly is conducive to improving pupils' academic performance. In 2016, the International Journal of Educational Management published a study on the correlation between school uniforms and academic performance. It concluded that for countries where pupils wear school uniforms, “students listen significantly better, there are lower noise levels, and lower teaching waiting times with classes starting on time.” Therefore, wearing school uniforms exert a positive influence on increased academic performance.  

In essence, a smart and elegant school uniform helps Huili pupils to experience beauty from a young age and build their awareness of beauty. It also helps them to improve their speech and action, attitude, personality, confidence and interaction with others. It is our aim to implement aesthetic education and the manifestation of enclothed cognition. 


Dress code and uniform standard


Huili’s school uniforms include spring, summer, autumn and winter collections. There are items for daily use, for example sport and accessories sufficient for multiple situations in all seasons. They demonstrate the Huili identity of being inspired, intellectual, independent, individual and inclusive.  


Quality control

We don’t judge a school uniform simply by its cover, as its fabric, manufacturing and quality are as important as its style and colour. Quality control is maintained throughout the whole process, from selecting fabric to completing the final clothes. The materials must pass the lightfastness, shrinkage and crocking tests to prevent the textile from fading, shrinking or pilling, which means that their quality is not compromised when worn over a long period of time.   

All school uniform products comply with the national standards of GB/T31888-2015 School Uniforms for Primary and Secondary School Students and GB/3701-2015 Safety Technical Specifications for Infants and Children Textile Products, and the accessories products comply with GB/18401-2016 National Textile Products Basic Safety Technical Specification. 

School uniform is a carrier of our youthful memories and a witness to our journey into adulthood. It is also a school’s name card, demonstrating the school’s school and atmosphere.