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Huili Nursery welcomes new staff

02 Sep 2022

September is always a vibrant month filled with new chapters and new beginnings. In addition to our solid teaching faculty, we are excited to welcome our new teachers to the Huili family this academic year. We would like to congratulate our following members of staff for being appointed to these roles for the upcoming academic year. They bring a wealth of experience that will enhance the knowledge, understanding and wellbeing of all our Huili Nursery pupils. 


Maria Calahorra

Early Years Class Teacher


Maria has two university degrees, one in social work and the other in primary school teaching, the latter of which led to qualified teacher status. She also has a master's degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
During her teaching career, Maria has learned how important it is to create a positive atmosphere in the classroom. She works hard to ensure pupils feel comfortable and safe in their educational setting. Passionate about teaching, Maria attends to the children's individual needs in her class. Maria is excited and proud to be joining the Wellington family and is looking forward to starting this new chapter in the Huili Nursery.


Gemma Spedding

Early Years Class Teacher


Gemma Spedding holds a Bachelor of Arts from Lancaster University and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. She is currently completing a Master of Education at the University of Nottingham in the UK. 
Personalised learning is her passion, and Gemma firmly believes it can be achieved through positive relationships, reflective environments and student agency. Gemma plans to bring her experience, excellence and enthusiasm for early years education to Huili Nursery Hangzhou.


Misty Trezise

Early Years Class Teacher


Misty has completed her master's degree at Edith Cowan University (Western Australia), specialising in early childhood education. She has also been educated by Central Queensland University, Australia, with a Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership and Avondale College University for her undergraduate qualification in primary education. Following a successful teaching internship in New Zealand, she has taught in various places – New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Macau SAR China, and China, most recently Shenzhen before joining the Huili Nursery Hangzhou family.
Misty is passionate about helping the young child find their voice and develop their lifelong love of learning. To play is the job of the young learner. Learning through play is natural. We learn by trying, experimenting, and making connections about the world around us. Young learners learn to share, be social and communicate as they make sense of the world around them. As Misty pursues doctoral studies, she is curious about the impact of digital literacy on multilanguage young learners. She is passionate about empowering educators and young learners to be successful together and is captivated by the warm learning environment of Huili Nursery Hangzhou.


Valentina Caputo

Early Years Class Teacher


Valentina is a passionate early childhood teacher who advocates for children to be heard and seen as active citizens of the present. Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Valentina moved to Melbourne, Australia, in 2013, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching.
She worked as a learning facilitator for teachers, early childhood teachers and educational leaders in different early learning schools in Melbourne. Valentina brings a joyful personality, a visionary approach to learning and teaching, and pedagogical expertise. She believes nurturing an inspired community of learners means cultivating a shared space and place for imagination, belonging and inclusion.
Valentina's teaching identity is based on celebrating children's unique languages of being, belonging and becoming and nature play stemmed from several training courses and first-hand experience in Italy and Australia.
She looks forward to meeting you at Huili Nursery.