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New beginnings

16 Jun 2022

Rose Winter

Early Years Group Lead 

Early Years Class Teacher



As we end the academic year, our children have built strong relationships and friendships with their peers. They feel comfortable in their environment and are relaxed with their friends. We then think about the new academic year with new experiences and exciting challenges. However, this may also see worry set in about making new friends in new classes. At Huili Nursery, we know that it is never "goodbye" we say to our friends but simply a "see you soon". 




Our children's friendships are so important to them being happy and settled and accessing their learning. As practitioners, we ensure our environments give children plenty of opportunities to make friendships and build these connections with their peers. This links to the children having high levels of wellbeing and involvement, ensuring they are learning to their full potential.


The transition we go through as we move into a new academic year may create questions about being away from friends through the summer holidays or in different classes the following year. However, through the deep connections children build at Huili Nursery, we see that their friendships are not forgotten but made stronger through time apart. Children are then excited to share their new experiences with their old friends when they come together during the outdoor investigation or by inviting them to events in their classrooms.



Talking about memories with friends, new and old, plays an important in understanding that we have not said goodbye to our "old" friends and that the friendships remain; even if we can't see them, we can still feel and remember them. Our memories can be treasured for a lifetime, and we can hope to create new special memories in the future.



Meeting new people and building new friendships help children learn more about themselves as individuals and discover ways to adapt to new situations. As children transition into their new class or school and meet new people, they have the opportunity to expand their friendships and build new connections. This can lead to learning new things, finding new hobbies and interests and ultimately widening their friendship circle.



New beginnings can create questions. However, at Huili Nursery, we value the importance of seeing the road of new opportunities ahead of us and ensuring that our children grasp these with open hands. Making new friends is a key part of our journey through life.