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28 Apr 2022




EY1 Matters





Following children's interest in buying and selling, we have set up a shop at Nursery. The children have collected their favourite things from around the room and are selling them, taking turns to be the customer or the vendor. This is a fantastic learning opportunity for everyone involved, and we are exploring a variety of mathematical concepts: numbers, price, addition and subtraction, and writing our price labels.




EY2 Matters





We continued introducing phonics games to encourage EY2 children to gain an excellent phonological and phonemic awareness foundation. Phonemic awareness is the ability to recognise and manipulate sounds. The awareness of sounds can be done in many ways, and anywhere we are. When we walk, what sounds can we hear? What sounds are our feet making? When we splash in puddles, what sound can we hear? How can we make a sound loud and soft, fast and slow? How many beats can we hear when playing an instrument? These skills allow children to extend their listening and focus on what they hear, using their bodies to replicate sounds and make new sounds.





EY3 Matters






We introduced and continued some new routines and learning elements in our daily routine. For example, children practice talking about and writing down their feelings every morning upon arrival. This has been an excellent opportunity to practice literacy skills while building emotional awareness and regulation. At the end of each day, before dismissal, we do a similar practice as a group on the mat, reflecting upon the day's events. This has been a time to introduce new feeling words in English and Chinese and have children broaden their vocabulary as they reflect on the day and talk about how they felt and why. Furthermore, we have made a new interactive calendar, and children also practise speaking and writing about the date, which is further reinforced during our morning meeting times.




EY4 Matters





In Maths, we reviewed the concept of units (metres, decimetres, centimetres) and played multiplication games. Children are getting more familiar with these concepts. We learned how to measure accurately. We summarised the three elements of measurement:

  • Start measuring from 0; 

  • The object to be measured and the ruler should be placed parallel; 

  • The start and end points of measuring.

At the end of the lesson, we chose different lengths and made a train carriage. Some children decided to make a 3.5cm mini-train carriage, and some decided to make a 20cm one.