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Fostering independence in our children

11 Mar 2022

Helping children establish independence starts from EY1 across to EY4 in Huili Nursery Hangzhou. On this journey, we support children in regulating their behaviours and trust them in making well-informed choices on their own, which helps children develop a strong sense of achievement and become ready for future life.



Snack and fruits are served progressively during morning and afternoon break times when children can choose to eat or not according to their own body needs. They cut fruits with child-friendly knives and chopping boards, serve themselves, and clean after themselves. In this process, teachers serve as friends interacting with children and embedding maths, literacy and physical development learning opportunities purposefully in conversations.

Before outdoor playtime, children have the chance to open the window, feel the temperature outside and then make their own choices of clothing. It helps children gain ownership of their bodies and feelings, develop confidence in making good choices based on their own needs and gain life experience firsthand. When being trusted and knowing their feelings are valid and acknowledged, children, develop independence, autonomy and confidence.



As they grow, children take on more responsibilities in the classroom proactively to regulate their behaviours. For example, children come up with reasonable ideas about class rules, discuss to clarify understanding and reflect on the importance of these rules, reach a consensus and supervise each other to meet the expectations we set up together. They also take turns to be the tidy-up monitors or other helpers in the room to serve as a great role model for peers, which helps them develop confidence and a strong sense of ownership to their learning environment and holds them accountable for looking after their classroom. 



A day in Huili Nursery Hangzhou gives children enriched opportunities to understand their feelings and needs, make choices independently and grow into responsible, kind and helpful people.