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04 Mar 2022

EY1 Matters



The growing theme has been continuing. Ms Delphine shared photographs of her visit to a farm. EY1 children could see farmers preparing the soil with tools through these images. They could see seeds in the ground after planting and some plants already growing. The children could identify the big green and purple cabbages. Ms Delphine showed how the farmers covered some plants in the plastic tunnels to protect them from the elements and keep them warm. The class could then compare the similarities of the greenhouse one of the parents had donated to the class and the importance of keeping new plants warm. 




EY2 Matters





EY2 children have been reading the story Peace At Last and have been exploring activities around it, focussing on skills around literacy and understanding the world. For example, they have been exploring the sounds they hear in the story and listening to other sounds to see if they can identify them. They have also been using the pictures from the story as a guide to help them predict a narrative and what happens next. It is a difficult skill for children, so they need to practise. It has also been an opportunity to introduce some props from the story to support the children in retelling the story independently.




EY3 Matters




We have been making links with our book by reviewing numbers from one to twenty in English. Children learnt a new song about counting using their fingers and toes before discussing how to represent our numbers visually. After we had grasped the vocabulary for the numbers, we used mathematical language to discuss measuring and length. Children have been incredibly keen on the tailor shop in the nursery and learning how to measure—using measuring tapes and charts. We learned together how to measure the mannequin's waist, hips, and height. Children recognised that to measure the waist accurately; they needed to measure all the way around, recording the circumference of the body.



EY4 Matters




In the Chinese sessions, the teaching has focused on scaffolding children’s content knowledge about Australian animals, understanding types of animals and their key characteristics, reviewing map reading skills, and recognising directions. We began by introducing the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, one of the world’s best zoos. By comparing different Australian animals’ appearances and habitats, children started to ask about their categories and their key definitions. Based on children’s questions and interests, we then explored the topic by watching educational videos, reading books and linking home learning with sessions. As a result, children have established a good understanding of mammals and fish while raising another question about unique animals, such as whales and platypuses. Children also had the opportunity to use the Taronga Zoo official App to further Australian research.