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Bilingual learners at Huili Nursery Hangzhou

19 Jan 2022

EY 1 Matters




To compare and see the differences between New Year’s Day in Western and Eastern countries, Ms Delphine talked about New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in the USA and the UK. Finally, Ms Delphine shared her experience this year by sharing her family photographs. During the English session, the children used food props, where the whole class pretended to share exceptional food to act families coming together to eat special food as part of the celebrations and what the special food means. For example, the children learned that eating noodles symbolises long life and that eating fish conveys good luck for the year ahead. The children also enjoyed taking part in the dragon and lion dances with Ms Delphine.



EY 2 Matters




EY2A has done a remarkable job learning a new English song, ’12 Chinese Zodiacs,’ to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Children can quickly answer the question, “How many animals are in the Chinese zodiac?” They showed high involvement in counting from 1 to 12 and backwards from 12 to 1 in English. As we sang together, children practised the phoneme of each word, focusing on mouth formation and correct sound pronunciation. For example, saying /ssss/ instead of /suh/. By practising, they became familiar with the zodiac animals. When the teacher pronounced the first phoneme of the animal, the children could then pronounce the zodiac without hesitation.





EY 3 Matters




In the Bilingual session, children enjoyed the puppet-making workshop and discussed how we could put on a puppet show for our friends for the new year. In the Chinese session, the children deepened the conversations and had many ideas on how to implement this. They listed things they needed to prepare for a hand puppet show, including a stage, self-made hand puppets, stories, scripts, invitation cards, posters, tickets, snacks for the audience and sound effects. Children explained why they think these items are essential for a hand puppet show and listened to different perspectives.




EY 4 Matters




We have introduced a different writing style in English, linking with our learning about travel. We have been talking about letter writing. The children have discussed why we write letters, how we write letters and what we might write in them. The main focus this week has been on the format of letter writing. We have learnt about using “Dear” to start a letter and “Love from” to finish a letter and using a comma after the person’s name. The children have had a go at writing their letters. These have varied from letters asking Mr Conrad questions to letters to their friends to silly letters to monsters and aliens.