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Delphine Diamond: why I joined Huili Nursery Hangzhou

What attracted you to working with the learning community at our Nursery? 

I was attracted by the strong Huili pupil identity and I resonated with the core values of the Nursery. With courage, opportunities will always be open to the children that we teach. A kind-hearted individual will always have friends and support. Respectful qualities for oneself and others will form the foundation of all positive relationships and experiences. Everything is within reach for a child who grows with independence. At the heart of an individual with integrity, ethical, compassionate and successful choices, perspective and conduct will arise. I wanted to be part of a Huili child’s core value journey. 



What were your very first impressions of Huili Nursery Hangzhou and Wellington College Hangzhou? 


I noticed how welcoming, friendly and helpful all the staff were and the beautiful, inspiring spaces for learning.It is refreshingly motivating for myself to be in such expansive surroundings – I feel my mind can be further expanded to enrich my interactions with Huili children.



How will your experiences and expertise as an early years educator contribute to our bi-lingual Nursery? 


I intend to utilise my UK teacher training; time spent in a dynamic Nursery there; bilingual learning and co-teaching experience; special needs and therapy background.I have a particular interest and knowledge in childhood patterns of behaviour; pre-writing skills and emotional intelligence / wellbeing. I believe the Huili environment will bring my skills to the forefront and benefit each child to move them forward and prepare them for EY2.