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A collaborative community that enriches children’s learning

05 Nov 2021



Children at Huili Nursery Hangzhou are members of our Wellington College Community. They inspire others with their creative ideas while drawing on the expertise of other members of the community. Our teachers support children in making solid connections within the collaborative community that includes families, pupils and teachers in all year groups.




Children invited parents who are experts in gardening, travelling, craft making and engineering to the nursery. The parents shared their unique experiences to support children’s project exploration in social studies, science and the arts. It was such an experience that made children feel that their learning is valued and essential to their families and our community.


Nursery families are our co-players and co-learners who are highly engaged in children’s learning. For example, on sports day 29 October, parents completed various challenges with their children and saw how they progressed physically, emotionally and socially in our nursery environment. 




We invited the grandparents to celebrate the Double Nine Festival, which was an excellent opportunity for our children to demonstrate their respect and responsibility, the values which are not only emphasised at Huili but also highly valued in Chinese culture.

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Children’s learning and development are supported in the broader community of Wellington College as well. For example, year ten pupils from Wellington College International Hangzhou visited EY3 classes to conduct science experiments together, where the children enjoyed conversations about gravity, buoyancy and density. Huili School Hangzhou pupils also offered to read books with the Nursery children and supported the daily routine of each Nursery class. As a result, they inspire meaningful conversations and are role models for the children. 




Teachers organised project-based activities outside the campus to enrich children’s positive learning experience. For example, children visited farms or the nature around Hangzhou, which helped them embrace the diversity of the world we live in and the people around us. 





All these activities help broaden the children’s horizons and build their character, laying a solid foundation for their future academic pursuits.



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