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Welcome back to Huili Nursery Hangzhou

03 Sep 2021

The new and returning children were so excited to enter the classrooms and greet their new teachers on their first day back at Huili Nursery Hangzhou. They were curious to discover all the different aspects of their new learning environment. 



Many aspects of the Nursery’s environment were enhanced and upgraded during the summer break. The nursery now boasts a new dedicated entrance, improving the pupil experience when entering and exiting the campus at busy times of the day. In addition, the pickup and drop off flow has also improved for parents. 


The Nursery atrium has also been renovated to house a large atelier, which provides a light and open space for both art and music classes. In response to pupil feedback, the role play area was also enhanced, introducing new resources while creating a warm and inviting home away from home atmosphere.  



Staff have participated in lots of training throughout the summer including bilingual teaching plans, team management, understanding of pupils’ physical and mental development and how to maintain effective communication.




 (Click to watch the video)

The Nursery is once again a vibrant and exciting environment now the children have returned.