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As early years educators, we appreciate that every child is a unique and able learner from birth. The heart of our vision is to ensure that Huili Nursery Hangzhou is a leading and inspirational early years’ education provider. It is our desire to afford every child the opportunity of growth and fulfilment in an environment which imbues the Huili values of kindness, courage, integrity, respect and responsibility. 


Huili Nursery Hangzhou represents a marriage of traditional values and current, evidence-based practice from the UK and China. Using a curriculum designed to deliver education through provocation and purposeful play, we promote recognised areas of leaning and development, offering each child their own meaningful learning journey. We know that excellent early years education provides children with an increased chance of success in school and later in life, thereby contributing to creating a society where opportunities are abundant. We believe that our educational experience affords pupils the opportunity to become a true Huili pupil: individual, intellectual, independent, inclusive and inspired.  



As a forward thinking, dynamic team of early years educators, it is our mission to ensure that all pupils at Huili Nursery Hangzhou receive an educational experience which is: 


Pupils will grow and develop around a play-based model of learning rooted in the Huili values and identity in a context which is meaningful and fulfilling to each unique individual.
We apply the latest evidence-based practices for early childhood development and education that are embedded in the philosophy of intended and provoked learning, with the Huili values and identity at the heart of practice. 
Children learn best when they are surrounded by meaningful learning opportunities. Learning spaces which are age- and stage-appropriate are used indoors and outdoors and are adapted to the meet the children’s preferences, thereby maximising ownership of the learning journey.
Like young children, early years education evolves and improves constantly. We continually rise to this exciting challenge, maintaining momentum and delivering current best practice whilst preserving the highest quality in educational service provision.

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