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The Huili Identity


The Huili identity answers the question, ‘What is the finished product of an education at Huili School Hangzhou’ The following five characteristics describe what we want our pupils to be. Being inspired is primus inter pares or first amongst equals.


We want Huili pupils to have been genuinely excited by everything they have done during their time at the school. They will have developed a zest for life so that they, in turn, go into the world ready and able to inspire others. This is the core pillar of the Huili identity.

Huili pupils must move into the world with the ability to think critically and to engage in deep learning. They will be able to study beyond the bounds of any curriculum, to be inquisitive and ask questions of everything around them, and be imbued with a life-long love of learning.


Huili pupils will develop the personal, cognitive, social and study skills to enable them to cope with the challenges of university and their lives beyond. They will adapt, cope and thrive within an ever-changing world. This will be reflected in our academic curriculum, our co-curricular programme, our commitment to the coaching philosophy, and our continued focus of character development and leadership.


The aim of Huili bilingual education is to allow pupils to develop themselves fully in every sense, knowing that interested children become interesting adults. The pastoral care and focus on pupil wellbeing at the school will value each and every pupil as a unique individual, helping them discover and develop their talents, passions and interests.


Huili pupils will leave the school, not in a bubble of elitism, privilege and exclusivity, but with the moral values and social conscience to serve others and do good in life. This inclusivity includes a strong pride in coeducation, and a commitment to understanding and appreciating our place as global citizens.

The Huili Values



The ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation. To take calculated risks in the pursuit of goodness.



A positive feeling of esteem for a person, group, entity or quality, resulting in acting with fairness. This can include self-respect which involves not compromising one’s values just to gain approval from others.



Consistency and authenticity. Acting in consort with one’s values or beliefs.



Showing consideration for others and acting selflessly for their benefit.



Being reliable, dependable and accountable for one’s conduct. Fulfilling a duty. Acknowledging the need to serve communities in which we operate.